6. Configure Permission Sets and Grant Users access
These docs are for v4.6. Click to read the latest docs for v4.29.

6. Configure Permission Sets and Grant Users access

In step two you created a visualforce page. You will need to grant your HelloSign users access to this page.



The following steps use the HelloSign_User permission set. You can also update the HelloSign_Admin permissions set, but if users with that permission set have Salesforce Admin capabilities they will automatically have access to the new Visualforce page.


  • SETUP > Users > Permission Sets
    In Classic: SETUP > Manage Users > Permission Sets
  • Clone HelloSign_User permission set
  • Rename the permission set as you see fit
  • Return to the list of Permission Sets and select the new permission set you created
  • Under Apps click Visualforce Page Access
  • Click Edit
  • Add the Visualforce page you just created - HSignAction
  • Click Manage Assignments button
  • Click Add Assignments
  • Click empty checkbox next to all users you want to add to this custom HelloSign permission set
  • Click Assign
  • Click Done