These docs are for v4.6. Click to read the latest docs for v4.29.

HelloSign Flow Component

HelloSign can be embedded into Salesforce Flows. The following parameters allow you initiate a signature request within a Flow.

  • API Name
  • HelloSign Template Record ID - this can be hardcoded or pulled in as a variable.
  • Record Id - this can be hardcoded or pulled in as a variable. The object associated with the record Id must match the source object of your HelloSign template.
  • Signing Iframe height - optional to control the height of the signing experience for running user templates.
  • User can cancel/close - defaulted to true, but allows you to remove the option to close the HelloSign iframe without signing or declining.
  • Signing Result - outputs the result of the signing event (signed, declined, canceled, sent, error)
  • Signing Result Detail - outputs an error message if the result is error.



HelloSign support templates for running users and email templates in which skip prepare and skip preview are enabled.