These docs are for v4.6. Click to read the latest docs for v4.29.

Invocable Cancel

Cancel can be invoked via Salesforce Process and Flow Builder allowing you to incorporate signature request cancelations into Salesforce workflows. See our Cancelation Example.



Invoking cancelations counts against Salesforce and HelloSign governor limits. HelloSign has a 2,000 call per hour limit. If your process triggers more than 2,000 calls HelloSign queues the calls so as to prevent hitting our call limit. Please see Salesforce’s API request limits to understand the impact this could have on your Salesforce instance.

Access process builder or flows via Salesforce Setup > Process Automation > Process Builder or Flows

STEPS for Process Builder

  • When invoking via process builder select Apex under Action Type
  • Apex Class is HelloSign Signature Request Cancel
  • You must set an apex variable linking the signatureRequestId via Field Reference to the HelloSign Signature Request Record ID

STEPS for Flows

  • When invoking via Flows select Action
  • Filter by Type
  • Select Apex Action