These docs are for v4.6. Click to read the latest docs for v4.29.




Both global methods return a SendSignatureResponse object with information about the signature request.

HelloSign.HelloSignDocumentService.SendSignatureResponse and HelloSign.HelloSignDraftDocumentService.SendSignatureResponse

errorOccurredBooleanTrue if an error occurred.
errorStringThe description of the error. Null if no error.
signatureRequestIdStringThe ID of the created signature request.
claimURL*StringThe URL where the signature request draft can be claimed, edited, previewed, and ultimately sent.
expiresAt*IntegerWhen the claim URL expires as a Unix timestamp.
testMode*BooleanWhether this is a test draft. Signature requests made from test drafts have no legal value.
signingRedirectUrl*StringThe URL that was specified (if at all) to redirect signers to after completing a signature request.
  • Only applies to HelloSign.HelloSignDraftDocumentService.SendSignatureResponse.