These docs are for v4.6. Click to read the latest docs for v4.29.

HelloSign for Salesforce 3.0

HelloSign for Salesforce 3.0

New Features/Updates:

  • Added HelloSign Template Object
  • Added ability to “Edit Template” to add/remove merge fields
  • Added ability to “Archive Template” to delete a template on
  • Added logging function for when errors throw
  • Added HelloSignSignature_Request_IDc to the HelloSignHelloSign_Signature_Requestc object
  • Added ability to restrict if a user can edit a template title or message at runtime
  • Added permission sets out-of-the-box for admins and for users
  • Updated admin console interface
  • Added ability to configure other objects to send for signature
  • Added global method to send for signature
  • Removed restriction that required at least one contact for a template based send
  • Depreciated “HelloSign for Salesforce” object

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Token refresh causing error - OAuth token refresh has been cleaned up
  • Page would not refresh after OAuth connection - Page now refreshes