2. Create VF page for the Object



This work must be done in a Sandbox or Development Environment and then deployed to a production environment as Visualforce pages cannot be directly created in a production environment.


  • SETUP > Custom Code > Visualforce Pages > New
    In Classic: SETUP > Develop > Visualforce Pages > New
  • On Visualforce Page creation screen
    a. Label = HelloSignAction e.g. HelloSignActionCase
    b. Name = HelloSignAction e.g. HelloSignActionCase
    c. Available for SF Mobile and Lightning Pages = checked
    d. Visualforce Markup = delete placeholder code with code below, replacing MyObject__c with your target object name (eg. Case, Custom_Agreement__c, etc.)
    <apex:page standardController="MyObject__c" extensions="HelloSign.HSignActionExtension" action="{!action}">
    • Click Save



    Visualforce Page has been created