Communities via Lightning Component

HelloSign supports two options for supporting signature requests within Salesforce Communities.

HelloSign - Use Default Template Lightning Component: This component can be dropped onto a Community page and when the user clicks the start button will be able to sign or request a signature from within your Salesforce Community.



  • Component must be used on a community page linked to a Salesforce Object
  • Add the HelloSign component to your page
  • Insert the HelloSign Template record Id
  • In order to display the HelloSign document within your Community you need to create a new page.
  • Select Standard Page
  • Select 1 full width column layout
  • Give the page any name and url you prefer. Users should only be able to navigate to this page when clicking the Start button from the HelloSign component.
  • Add a visualforce page component to the new page. Select the HelloSign - Send Template page and give it a height that will allow the HelloSign document to fully display on the page.
  • Publish the visualforce page
  • To preview and test select the layout icon in the top left corner and select View Portal option.