Send with Template

Outlines all the behavior of sending with a template.



Dropbox Sign Templates can skip both the prepare and preview pages. If these are enabled there is no user interaction required to send a template. Learn more about skip prepare and skip preview here.



Only templates created in Salesforce can be selected in this step. Templates created at can only be used when sending signature requests from the Dropbox Sign Website and will not be shown on the template list.


  • You can send a Dropbox Sign template by either using the Use Dropbox Sign button or the Use Template Lightning Component.
  • Template prepare page displays the files used, recipients, and document title and message
  • Depending on the configuration users of the template can modify the recipients and/or title and message.

  • If a recipient row isn't locked down, or the recipient isn't linked to any Salesforce merged data on the template users can choose to override and manually enter a recipients name and email.

  • Once the prepare page is ready users will click the Preview Document button (if skip preview isn't enabled)
  • Dropbox Sign's preview screen will display with Signer fields and merge fields (if applicable)
  • Clicking continue will send the document for signature.
  • The sender receives a confirmation message that the request has been sent and is taken back to the Salesforce record.