Text Tag Example 2: Single Signer with Salesforce merge and writeback

Create Template

  • Create a new HelloSign Template on the Opportunity using File Attached to Record (Universal Files) method
  • Add a signer type User
  • Role Name is “Rep”
  • Make the related user default Record Owner
  • Merge the following fields:
  • opportunity name
  • opportunity amount
  • opportunity private
  • user full name
  • user title
  • Move user title to the writeback section
  • Add a title on the delivery page
  • Add any default message you want for the template
  • Click Save & Close
  • Click Return Home

Copy into Document

  • Copy the text in the box into a word document, convert the document to a PDF.
  • Upload the document as a Salesforce File to an Opportunity record
  • Use the template created earlier.

Opportunity Name: [text-merge|noreq|sender|Opportunity.Name]

Opportunity Amount: [text-merge|noreq|sender|Opportunity.Amount]

Opportunity Private: [checkbox-merge|noreq|sender|Opportunity.IsPrivate]