Archiving a Template associated with CPQ Quote Template

These steps show you how to archive a HelloSign Template and update the associated CPQ Quote Template.


  • On the CPQ Quote Template navigate to the HelloSign Template related list
  • Open the HelloSign Template record
  • Click the Archive Template button
  • Return to the CPQ Quote Template and navigate to the Sections related list
  • Edit the Section record associated with the HelloSign signature Content record
  • Update the Content record to a new Content record, or use the Template Bottom - HS record if you want the CPQ out-of-the-box signature section. Note if you want to use CPQ’s out-of-the-box Quote Template delete all of the Section records associated with the CPQ Quote Template.



  • HelloSign Template status field is set to Archived
    • HelloSign Template Content record isn’t linked to a Section record on the CPQ Quote Template.