6. Configure Permission Sets and Grant Users access

In step two you created a visualforce page. You will need to grant your HelloSign users access to this page.



The following steps use the HelloSign_User permission set. You can also update the HelloSign_Admin permissions set, but if users with that permission set have Salesforce Admin capabilities they will automatically have access to the new Visualforce page.


  • SETUP > Users > Permission Sets
    In Classic: SETUP > Manage Users > Permission Sets
  • Clone HelloSign_User permission set
  • Rename the permission set as you see fit
  • Return to the list of Permission Sets and select the new permission set you created
  • Under Apps click Visualforce Page Access
  • Click Edit
  • Add the Visualforce page you just created - HSignAction
  • Click Manage Assignments button
  • Click Add Assignments
  • Click empty checkbox next to all users you want to add to this custom HelloSign permission set
  • Click Assign
  • Click Done