Guest User Access

Salesforce requires extra configuration to allow guest users to interact with objects.

Configuring the Guest User Profile

For setting up access using the Guest User Profile follow these instructions:
Give Secure Access to Unauthenticated Users with the Guest User Profile

Configuring Object Access

The following objects must have external access set to Public Read in Salesforce Sharing Settings:

  • HelloSign Template
  • HelloSign Signature Request
  • HelloSign Signer Attachment
  • Template Source Object
  • Any object related to the Template Source Object (ie. cross object merge fields)

To set the Organization-wide Defaults navigate here:
Settings > Security > Sharing Settings

Sharing Rules

If the external guest user will be sending Signature request, you will have to grant them access to the Hellosign__Template__c as well as the template source object using sharing rules. It is important to remember a separate sharing rule will be needed for each object that is related to the template, including any objects related via merge fields.

Make sure to select the Rule Type 'Guest user access, based on criteria' as highlighted in the screenshot below.


For more information on how to create guest user sharing rules, follow the [supporting documentation provided by Salesforce] (