Connecting Dropbox Sign to Salesforce

With Dropbox Sign for Salesforce you only need to establish a single connection between your Dropbox Sign account and Salesforce account. It is important to note that all templates created, and signature requests sent are handled by your connected user. We recommend that once you have gone live that you maintain the same connected user. Switching users will prevent open signature requests from being completed in Salesforce, and existing templates will be inaccessible.


Single Connected Admin

Only the system administrator should create the connection with Dropbox Sign (provisioning users is completed later in the process). The connected user must be a Team Admin in the Premium/Standard Dropbox Sign subscription with the Salesforce add-on More connected user considerations are detailed in our Help Center.


Stay Connected

Once connected and using Dropbox Sign we recommend you not change the connected user as it will impact open signature requests and templates. Please contact our Support team to discuss options.


Matching Email Addresses

If you are unable to connect, make sure you are logged into the correct Dropbox Sign account and that your Dropbox Sign and Salesforce email addresses match. NOTE: Since Salesforce allows more than one user to have the same email address, be sure that you are logged in as the desired connected user (and not a different one with the same email address).


  • Navigate to the Dropbox Sign Settings tab
  • On the Connect to Dropbox Sign page click Connect
  • When prompted login to Dropbox Sign. Your Salesforce email (not username) and Dropbox Sign email must match. If you are not prompted it is likely you are already signed in to Dropbox Sign.
  • Returned to Connect to Dropbox Sign page.



  • Connect to Dropbox Sign is now connected
    • Connect to Dropbox Sign the connected user email is shown as connected