Connect to Multiple Production Environments

Dropbox Sign for Salesforce supports connections to multiple Salesforce environments.

If you have multiple production instances of Salesforce you can use a single Dropbox Sign login credentials for all instances.



Signature requests sent and templates created in a Salesforce environment are unique to that environment. No data created or sent from one instance of Salesforce will appear in another instance of Salesforce.

Connect Using the Same Dropbox Sign Account
Once you have installed Dropbox Sign for Salesforce simply connected your Dropbox Sign account. Your Dropbox Sign account will remain connected to all Salesforce environments.

Connect Using a different Dropbox Sign Account
If you have the Dropbox Sign multi-team feature (part of our enterprise+ plan) you can connect different Dropbox Sign Team Admin accounts to different Salesforce production environments. NOTE: Dropbox Sign user must be a team admin.