Multi-Language Support

Dropbox Sign for Salesforce supports 21 languages.

If you have multiple languages supported in Salesforce your users will be able to use and request signatures using their preferred language.


Supported Languages

English (United States)
English (United Kingdom)
Danish (Denmark)
German (Germany)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain / Iberian)
French (France)
Indonesian (Indonesia)
Italian (Italy)
Norwegian (Bokmål)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Swedish (Sweden)
Thai (Thailand)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)

The Dropbox Sign for Salesforce pages and Dropbox Sign editors translate based on the user's language setting on their user record.



The Dropbox Sign email is by default set to English and will not update based on the user's Salesforce language setting. Users must log into their Dropbox Sign accounts and update their language setting.

Note: If the signer has an existing Dropbox Sign account the email they receive will be based on their Dropbox Sign language setting.

Log into Dropbox > username dropdown > my settings > profile


The Dropbox Sign document page will default to the signers language based on their browser settings.