Use in Production and Test in Sandbox

HelloSign for Salesforce supports connections to multiple Salesforce environments.

If HelloSign for Salesforce is installed in your production environment it will also be installed in any sandbox environments created post installation.



Signature requests sent and templates created in a sandbox will be specific to that sandbox. No data created or sent from a sandbox will appear in your production Salesforce environment.

When working in a Full or Partial Copy sandbox environment, any HelloSign Template object records copied from your production Salesforce org will still link to your production templates on (because they share the same Template UUID field value). Be careful about editing your templates from your sandboxes as that may have undesired effects on your production templates.


  • Within a sandbox in the HelloSign App Settings page a prompt to connect is displayed.
  • Use the same HelloSign login credentials when connecting to a sandbox as those used in production.



Connection to HelloSign from the sandbox is successful. Production connection remains intact.