Migrate from Sandbox to Production

It is always best practice to test in a sandbox. This includes testings apps such as HelloSign for Salesforce. Once you have properly tested and verified functionality is working correctly there are a few steps to migrate functionality from a sandbox to your production environment.



When migrating templates from sandbox to production, it is important to remember that the attached files on the template will not migrate to the new environment. If you want the files to be moved to your production instance, they'll need to be manually moved using standard migration practices.

STEPS to Transfer HelloSign Templates

  • Use a Salesforce export tool to pull the HelloSign Template records (HelloSign__Template__c) from your sandbox that you want in production.
  • Use a Salesforce export tool to pull the HelloSign Signer Role records (HelloSign__SignerRole__c) from your sandbox that lookup to the templates you are migrating.
  • Insert the HelloSign Template records into production.
  • Inserting HelloSign Template records will create a success csv file that contains the newly inserted record ids.
  • On your HelloSign Signer Role export file replace the HelloSign Template lookup id with the record ids on the success csv file. A vlookup formula using the sandbox record ids will allow you to map the new ids to the correct records.
  • Insert the HelloSign Signer Role records (with newly mapped Template lookup ids) into production.



Template records and Signer Role records will have been successfully inserted into production.